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If you want to explore Girona area, here there is a small sample, and we will gladly recomend you all the options you have.

Distances from Mas Martís to tourist and cultural attractions:

•    Banyoles a 5 km
•    Besalú a 6 km
•    Girona a 21 km
•    Figueres a 27 km
•    Olot a 28 km

•    Barcelona a 124 km
•    Costa Brava a 38 km
•    Aeroport de Girona – Costa Brava a 38 km
•    Pirineus de Girona a 55 km
•    Perpinyà a 85 km

If part of the tourist areas, you want to discover the most magical parts of the Pla de l’Estany, in the sections below we will offer a tasting of the many paths and possibilities offered by this charming small region.

As a closer, and walk out from home, you can make several rides to the extensive Pla de Martís. From small circuits to stretch your legs for a while, or longer excursions that will provide you a global picture of the Pla de Martís and the bank landscape of the Fluvià river.

Moreover, all the wide flat trails are suitable to be traveled by bike or riding a horse. With a very little time, you can get to the lake of Banyoles or Besalú, without needing to touch the road.