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Flat or mountain?

Excursions and walks
for all ages


Below, we present a series of trails and walks, most in the Pla de l’Estany, but also the Alta Garrotxa, Empordà and Selva, particularly suitable to be made ​​on foot. However, many of them can also be made by bike or horseback.

Also, in Mas Martís we can recomend you a whole range of sports and recreational opportunities to enjoy nature. We have maps and guides, and we have at your disposal a Garmin GPS where we have most of the tracks, for not getting lost …

At this moment, we are making and writing a diferent kind of routes, with all the details. Very soon, we will publish it.

Across the Pla de l’Estany

A walk in Serinyà and climb to Ca n’Hortós
– Walk on foot in Pla de Martís
– From Crespià to Pedrinyà, across Sant Miquel de la Roca and the Fluvià riberside
– From Vilert to Orfes
– Rocacorba from Pujarnol
– From Banyoles to Puig de Sant Patllari
– A walk in the Banyoles Lake

High Garrotxa

To Mare de Déu del Mont from Beuda
– To Bestracà from Oix
– From Sadernes to Rocabruna across Comanegra
– El Ferran from Oix
– Basegoda across Caire de Comadells

Gironès (Llémena Valley)

Rocacorba throug Maverd and descend by Biert
– Santuari and Finestres Castle